What should I do now if I'm currently in contract that goes beyond April?

If you are working through Vantage Consulting we may have already been in touch to  inform you of the next steps. However, many clients will be communicating their processes over the coming weeks. 

  • Firstly you should be in  contact with your agency to understand the implications of IR35 reform and how you may be affected. 
  • Your client will review your current role and review if it should fall inside or outside of IR35  - many of our clients are are utilising a 3rd party review such as Qdos rather than solely relying on HMRC’s CEST tool. Find out more about qdos here. We feel this is a good option as you the contractor are fully included in the determination, and as IR35 experts they insure the determination for you and the supply chain. 
  • Once the review has taken place the SDS (your status determination) will be communicated to you. This will include the reasoning's to this. If you feel it is incorrect you may appeal the decision. 

  • If the decision is that you are deemed outside IR35 then nothing will change. If you are deemed inside for this specific assignment then you will have to alter the way you provide your services, either via a PAYE contract or through an Umbrella company.

What should I do if I am looking for a new role?

If not sooner, most clients will be identifying whether the assignments they are looking to utilise with a contractor with, will be inside our Outside of scope. You should therefore be  able to apply for positions that suit your businesses goals.

What should I do if I am deemed Inside IR35?

If you are deemed inside from the client engaging your services you will need to alter the  way you provide your service to the Client. You should take professional advise for your  personal circumstances. 

You can look to utilise the services of an Umbrella company, or the fee payer (which may be Vantage) will issue new contracts and make the required deductions including tax and National insurance. 

Contractor Solutions IR35

Finding the right umbrella company

If you are deemed inside IR35 you may need to work with an Umbrella Company. We only work with HMRC approved companies.